To understand the physiological bases of the bovine reproductive system, the generalities of the main reproductive hormones of the female bovine and their interaction are presented here.



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  • Stimulates the production and release of FSH and LH by the adenohypophysis (anterior pituitary).



  • Stimulates the growth and maturation of the ovarian follicle.



  • It contributes to the last stage of maturation of the follicle (which has become dominant) to trigger its ovulation.
  • It helps so that the clot formed after ovulation becomes a corpus luteum.
  • It generates changes in the uterus that favor the transport of sperm.



  • It helps to express sexual behavior of female (heat), acting on the central nervous system.
  • It also stimulates the release of GnRH.



  • It inhibits the release of FSH without altering the release of LH.



  • It inhibits the release of GnRh, which will also reduce the levels of FSH and LH. This avoids new ovulations.
  • Prepares the uterus to receive an embryo, generating changes in its mucosa so that it can be nourished during the first days of pregnancy.


Prostaglandin F2alpha  (PGF2α)
  • It produces the regression or destruction of the corpus luteum (favors luteolysis).



Factors to be considered


  • The day on which the release of endometrial PGF-2alpha is given to lyse the luteal body, varies according to the literature:

-On day 16 or 17 (According to E.S.E. HAFEZ).

-On day 14 (According to Cunningham).

-It begins on day 14 after ovulation and produces a decrease on day 18 (According to García Sacristán)

  • Low estrogen concentrations together with high concentrations of progesterone, constitute a strong inhibitor of Gonadotropins secretion.






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Diana Alzate

Médico Veterinario Zootecnista.

Latest posts by Diana Alzate (see all)


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